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Practical seminar on creating and advertising websites. February, 22, 2009

In general seminar was perfect. Everything was on the high level and was an impression, that even that persons, that knew nothing, now know everything. The only note: I thought that creating of the websites will be described from A to Z, but these were my personal expectations. I liked the third part of the seminar very much. Shakhov Sergey Vladimirovich.

Because of my specialization I prefer more informative way of education. But it was a pleasure to try to get knowledge in some other form. Thank you very much! I am sure, that it helps a lot of people!!! Nikonov Andrey Alexandrovich

Seminar was finely organized and by many criteria could be an example. The topic is actual, as it could be seen from the number of guests. Especially I want to notice the good quality of distributed materials. In consulting attention to the details is very important. Dzhamanbaev Maxim

Seminar was very effective. I succeed to find an answers on my questions regarding websites. I will recommend your Centre to my friends. I will think about passing the education in May-June. Aglyamova Aygul

Thank you very much for the interesting seminar. Now I understand, that website is needed for the effective work of the company. The second part on advertising the websites was very interesting. I am planning in the nearest time to use the recieved information in my company. Zvezdin Alexandr Vitalyevich

Partner project of the "ORT-Career" Centre and Hesed Avraam

We, listeners of the first group of this project, are rootely grateful for its organizers. Thanks to them, we, old people, that only could press on specific buttons from time to time, get the full picture of computer possibilities and the basics of work on it. Its even raised our self esteem. Мы, учащиеся первой rootгруппы этого проекта, глубоко благодарны его организаторам.
Our tutor, Tatiana, builds a process of education in a such way, that the lesson goes by just like game, without strain and fatigue and at the end of the lesson we even want more. Perfect new class, new computers and all equipment.
Perfect teacher.
Great thanks!
Group of volunteers of reception in "Hesed Avraam".

We, clients of the Welfare Centre "Hesed Avraam", attended the course "Computer Literacy" on July 1-21, 2008, that was conducted by the Centre of Professional Education "ORT-Career". Our mark to this course is not good, but the best!

  • Amiability, attention of the "ORT Career" staff to course listeners.
  • Perfectly equipped classes
  • Highest professionalism of the teaching staff and its ability to give everything needed to the listener, both during the lessons and in our further work

We are greateful for this useful and interesting lessons.
With respect and best regards.

. I want to express thanks to Centre of Professional Education "ORT-Career" for organization and conduction of the course "Computer Literacy". Не однократно отмечалось влияние климатических факторов. Предположительно онкология иногда начинается из за них.
The teachnig process is organizaed in easy for understanding form. Course is build in a such way, that we learn new about computer step by step, from easy to hard issues. The atmosphere of friendship makes the attending of course not only useful, but also pleasant.
I am sure, that after finishing this course we will become a masterful users of the PC.
07.07.2008 Course listener - Natalya Radina

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